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Based in Seaford Rise, South Australia, I proudly support owner-operator businesses in South Australia.

Efficient Small Business Solutions are still operational, just not utilising meeting space / co-working facilities due to concerns with COVID-19.

Zoom Online Meetings are now available for remote consultancy for South Australian owner-operator businesses.

Contact me for your complimentary first consultation!

Monday to Friday – 9am-5pm

Saturday – 10am-3pm


10to8 Online Booking System received a satisfaction survey result from Jason Schultz
Here is what they said about Efficient Small Business Solutions:
How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5
How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5
Any additional comments:
"Very much looking forward to working with Sharon going forward.
Having someone in your corner with such great knowledge and organisational skills
is going to be a great asset to any small business owner.“
"We have found Sharon to be very reliable and accommodating for the requirements of our business.
She has definitely eased our stress levels in running the business (particularly around the accounts receivable function)"
"Hi Sharon, thanks for the link on your website.

Also a big thank you for recommending Adam, he has spent some time with us and has been amazing in sorting out our problems."
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