Mediumship / Psychic / Clairvoyant

International Psychic Medium Alice Terry
Australian Business Number (ABN):
38 840 462 794
Business Description:

Alice has the extraordinary gift of intuition and that has many guises – from knowing when the phone will ring, to connecting with a loved one, to delving into an intense past life. Alice is able to use that intuition to help others, simple as that. We are all intuitive – some of us are just more evolved than others. Similarly we are all able to play the piano – some of us choose not to, others play for pleasure and the more evolved like Mozart could play the piano from the age of 4.

Alice is now using that extraordinary intuitive gift to help and to heal people in so many ways – personal readings,  regression therapy, learning workshops, live shows and soul energy alignments:

Clients are finding great comfort after years of being unable to move on following the death of someone close,
Others are now full of inspiration from re-connecting with their dreams, discovering what their life could be or which path they could follow.
The results from the regression therapy have been astounding with people finding peace and healing after years of torment and huge cost following other therapies or buying medicine after medicine. Those that have suffered torturous upbringings, sexual abuse or even carrying external energy, are all finding peace and love for themselves.