Home Maintenance Services

Jason The Locksmith (Jason Schultz)
Australian Business Number (ABN):
84 408 970 531
Business Description:


Here to help you with your domestic and small to medium sized commercial premises. Lock and key needs all over Adelaide, it’s suburbs and nearby country areas.

Often available by appointment to help you evenings or weekends with NO SURCHARGE!

Serene Spaces for You (L.E Jackman & C.D West)
Australian Business Number (ABN):
98 654 938 072
Business Description:

Serene Spaces For You was developed in a bid to help other people live in a more organised, serene space with belongings that truly matter to them
We offer a non-judgmental approach and will guide you in a relaxed yet focused way.  Once we have eliminated the clutter, we will reorganise your space and help you learn new skills to keep it organised and enable you to enjoy your serene space.

What can we do for you? How does it work? What do I need to do?
Share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal space
Eliminate and declutter items, by sorting them into discard and donate
Reorganise your belongings so they are accessible and look aesthetically pleasing, we will teach you skills to keep your space working for you and your family
Everything in its place, we will find a home for all your treasures
New lease of life, a feeling of lightness and well being is restored
Enjoy a serene, organised space for you to relax in

Serene : calm, peaceful, untroubled and tranquil